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Buy, Grow, Exit is about how (and why) to acquire, grow and exit a business in a way that maximises the value you will ultimately be able to extract and minimises the risks along the way. Joanna Oakey, lawyer and host of leading business podcasts The Deal Room and Talking Law, shares the many examples she has seen of mistakes that can be so easily made (and avoided!) that massively deplete the value of a business, how to buy and grow with the end in mind, and tales of business growth and exit done right.

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Joanna provides a rarely utilised approach for understanding why many businesses fail to reach anywhere near their potential at exit and why others achieve incredible success. This comprehensive and easy-to-read book covers critical topics such as:

  • the truth behind why so many businesses fail to achieve their full value
  • the secret sauce of growth through acquisition
  • how good deal making can drive business value
  • how to keep a deal on track to completion
  • how to ensure that the value in your business is protected as you grow
  • critical preparation for maximising value at exit
  • exiting with class, not regret.
Buy, Grow, Exit is for entrepreneurs and business buyers and sellers, and also for the accountants, brokers and corporate advisers who are looking to help their clients get the best outcome possible.BUY 1 GIVE 1 – For every book we sell, we pass on the love by funding school books to be given to orphaned children in Thailand. To find out more about how you can contribute to projects like this through your own business, check out global giving partner B1G1.

15 reviews for Buy Grow Exit

  1. Kris Racette

    In the process of purchasing a convenience store the book has grown my confidence as well as my enthusiasm. Well written to be approachable and enjoyable to read.

  2. Isaac Parry

    A must read for any business owner looking to IPO or exit in the future. Well done Joanna

  3. Mark Gardiner

    An essential read for all business owners. It is never too early in your business growth to read this book!!

  4. Allan McKeown

    Joanna has published the perfect playbook for the business owner no matter what their stage of development. Experience honed from decades at the business advisory coalface is shared with the reader combining practical real life examples with smart hard nosed advice.

  5. Mark Ostryn

    As an advisor & having read more than 30 M&A books, I’ve yet to come across a more rigorous client- oriented approach towards pre-warning business owners of the roadblocks and minefields relating to the transaction process.

  6. Shanti Bedard

    Buy Grow Exit is full of insights, practical information and guidance for any business owner looking to ensure they have ‘the right’ guidance at any stage of their business journey.

  7. Jess

    A fantastic resource for any business owner wanting to ensure they’re working in a way that’s going to reflect their hard work at exit time. Helpful stories, tips and legal strategy actually made simple and relevant for small businesses.

  8. Simon Bedard

    Any business owner looking for pragmatic SME advice should get to know Joanna, Aspect Legal, and their methodology.

  9. Oliver Lazarevic

    Joanna’s expertise comes with a commercial and practical approach to the law. It is refreshing and her work has supported our 30%+ growth year on year!

  10. Kerry Boulton

    Joanna’s book is a gold mine of practical, down-to-earth information and application of concepts used in the business world, often not understood by small business owners. If you want to grow, acquisition is a great way to do that and a true wealth builder. To avoid the trips and traps – no matter what stage you’re at with your business – Joanna’s book is a “must read”.

  11. Ian Jones

    Joanna Oakey and Aspect Legal have supported the Australian business sale industry and our association (AIBB) for many years. Her thought leadership and pragmatic advice reflects her [Joanna’s] experience dealing with SME businesses and their owners, and contributes not only to the professionalism of our brokers, but the Australian M&A and business sale sector more broadly.

  12. Dale Beaumont

    This book is entrepreneurship at the next level and I applaud Joanna Oakey for putting it all together. There is so much wisdom, strategy and so many secrets in here. Seriously for the cost of a pub dinner, it can be yours and you can use it to make millions. Now that’s a good deal.

  13. Edward Chan

    Joanna Oakey is a proven leader in the Australian SME legal space. A book that captures her deep experience and passion for working with owners across all aspects of M&A work, is something every business owner should have in their hands.

  14. Glen Carlson

    Completing four successful acquisitions didn’t just double our revenue, it doubled our multiple. None of these deals required any cash or debt which, more than any other deal I’ve done made me realise that while value is created serving customers, wealth is created in the deal room. Joanna is a master – read this book and read it again.

  15. Andrew Griffiths

    Rarely have I come across such an extraordinarily comprehensive book that details three key stages of a business – buying, growing
    and exiting. Joanna Oakey clearly has a great deal of knowledge and expertise as well as a very practical approach to maximising oppor-
    tunity in every stage. To me, this is a book that all business owners need to read and keep close, using it as a valuable resource. A very
    impressive book.

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